[Album] @KadeshFlow “Gateways”

[Album] Kadesh “Gateways”

After a year and a half long hiatus that included finishing his MBA and moving from Alabama to Kansas City, Missouri for work at the world’s largest healthcare IT firm, Kadesh Flow returns with his first full fledged hip hop project titled “Gateways”. Kadesh once again takes the reigns on the production end with a lending hand from Atlas, Richie Branson, and Killing Spree. Mister Wilson, JFKratez, and a2z also lend blazing verses to the fifteen track project.

Stay up to date with Kadesh on his website, which also contains all his social media links.

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[Mixtape] @Grizzy_James – The Conversation

[Mixtape] Grizzy James - The Conversation

Grizzy James is a rapper new to the scene representing both Chicago, IL and Long Beach, CA that dropped his first mixtape “Sleep Walking” to the public in the month of Febuary 2014. Entering his sophomore year of College, Grizzy is overly enthusiastic about his next projects after receiving such good feedback on his debut mixtape “Sleep Walking”. Grizzy James has decided to show his gratitude to his new fans by creating “The Conversation EP” while in the works of “Sleep Walking 2” to let them know that he hasn’t forgotten about the love and support that he has received from bringing his first project to the world.

“The Conversation EP” is a 10 track project premiering October 9th. During the making of “The Conversation EP” Grizzy has had to juggle between music and school and in turn was only able to have DCT member Phillie Jay (Hassan) featured on the EP to end the project with what he believes is a lyrical bang! Grizzy assures that Tekksaviek, Rori, and LaFrance will make an appearance on the long awaited “Sleep Walking 2” tape and it will be something that the fans will never forget.

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[Video] @Tarique112 – ‘Bad Guy’ feat. Jungle

[Video] Tarique - 'Bad Guy' feat. Jungle

Bad guy is the first single from the evolution mixtape,i got inspired for this video when i watched scarface,he stood up and he said i will be the bad guy,take a look at the bad guy,i felt like as an artist thats how i feel,i just dont mind being americas bad guy,i dont mind doing the dirty work that alot of others wont do,it just fits very good with my type of music.this song is by me tarique feat jungle

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[Music Video] @Unique509 “Oh Lord”

[Music Video] @Unique509 "Oh Lord"

Unique is the self proclaimed “Dopest in the Northwest”. He also says that he is ready to be at the top of the game and become the “Dopest in Hip-hop”. Unique’s fan base continues to grow everyday because of his descriptive imagery, colossal punch lines, and intelligent word play. Not to mention a deep voice inflection that at times resembles the late Tupac Shakur and a flow that has the slight bounce of a modern Notorious B.I.G. (not a typical comparison for a white rapper I might add). His lyrics tell stories of overcoming obstacles, staying motivated, and trying to rise above the restraints that society has set. Unique also speaks on pain, spirituality, politics, street life, relationships, sex, and partying. With such a wide range of topics you can expect to see a large mix of different backgrounds and ethnicities listening to Unique’s music. Whether male or female it is easy to relate and become a fan.

Born on June 7th of 1986 in Spokane, WA, Unique was always infatuated with music. He started beat boxing at a young age and started writing rhymes at age 11. His stage name was given to him by a close childhood friend because of his high level of creativity and his ability to succeed when all the cards where stacked against him. Unique recorded his first song at age 14 and dropped his first independent album Eternal (2006) at the age of 20. Since then he has released a steady stream of albums and mix tapes (seven releases total) including his most recent and most anticipated album the A Day Closer LP (2013). His total independent sales have reached over 20,000 units, not to mention over 100,000 streams and downloads with very little promotion and no major marketing. Unique also has close to 1,000 performances under his belt including opening for the likes of Naughty By Nature, Do or Die, Scarface, E-40, Twista, Nipsey Hussle, Ying Yang Twins, Rittz, and Obie Trice just to name a few. He is now working on his next project entitled “Going Through It” and has scheduled it to be released on September 23rd of 2014 with a national tour to follow.

Unique remains one hundred percent independent and owns his own company, Keep Pushin Entertainment LLC. He also has experience in recording, mixing, and production. With his multiple talents and his ambition to succeed it is expected that Unique will soon be an internationally recognized Hip-hop artist with a career that will define longevity.

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[Album] @Sickbirdmusic – Wild Kingdom

[Album] Sick Bird - Wild Kingdom

Sick Bird is an alternative Hip Hop artist in Chico, California. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Sick Bird moved to California in high school. While in high school he recorded
an unreleased album as Jel the Fresh Greenery. Largely self-produced, Sick Bird has always had a passion for beats and rhymes.

Wild Kingdom, the fifth solo album by Sick Bird, was released on September 9th, 2014. The album features slamming production from Remix, Ransom and Sick Bird. Hard rhymes and sick beats come together for another head banging release! Check out the album stream on ReverbNation, SoundCloud and Spotify! Also available on iTunes and other online retail outlets.

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